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This policy applies to the publically-posted comments that website visitors can add to pages on

Our goal is to have friendly and helpful comments, and as such we have this policy to maintain a positive online environment. By posting a comment on, you agree that you will not post any objectionable content including personal insults or profanity, obscenity, racism or discrimination, purposely inflammatory posts, or content in violation of any local or international laws. Objectionable content includes discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations. You also may not post links to any other website containing objectionable content. The website administrators will be the sole arbitrator of what does and does not constitute acceptable content, and the owners of reserve the right to edit or remove any post for any reason, without notice. Repeated or extreme offences may result in banning.

Although the administrators of will attempt to keep all objectionable content off this site, it is impossible for staff to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of will not be held responsible for the content of any message. Guests can use the contact form to report any content that may be objectionable.

Visitors must not identify themselves fraudently when posting comments, this will result in banning. Any comment reasonably assumed to be comment spam will be deleted, and the commenter may be banned.

External links are OK only if they are relevant to the comment. Visitors may not post links to sites with which the visitor has any form of affiliation (i.e. self-promotion). Comments on this site are primarily for regular website users, not for posting of content by commercial websites, webmasters and affiliates. If a website agent or affiliate posts advertising or links to commercial sites, it may result in deletion and banning. Exceptions may be made by pre-arranged agreement only (contact us first) for commercial site owners, agents and affiliate managers (not individual affiliates). Dishonest representation, eg. commercial sites or webmasters pretending to be regular users, will not be tolerated and action will be taken. Paid-to-post commenters will be deleted and banned.

Visitors must not submit a comment using a name of another person with the intent to impersonate that person, or a name in which another person or entity has rights unless you have authorization from that person/entity. Visitors must not enter a Keyword instead of their name when posting a comment, nor use a name that site administrators deem offensive.

So that administrators may effectively moderate posts and ensure content meets the policy requirements, only English-language content is allowed. Administrators reserve the right to occasionally edit comments for clarity or readability when appropriate. Visitors may not post comments soliciting funds or donations. Posts for selling, buying or trading items or services are not allowed. Posting an email address soliciting contact from other visitors will not be tolerated, nor will posts requesting email addresses from other visitors for commercial or information-distribution purposes. Due to the constant problem of online spam, the site administrators have undertaken many methods to remove or reduce this problem, including the disallowance of inserting images, or links to images, within posts due to the difficulty in monitoring image content for spam and obscenity. Comment signatures are also disallowed due to abuse by spammers.

If the visitor's email address is submitted with the comment, this address will be kept 100% private and is guaranteed to never be shared with 3rd parties. Email addresses will not be added to any mailing list, and contact will only be made if it has been requested or in specific cases to provide assistance in regards to the context of the comment.

The website owners reserve the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates the rules, as posting public content on this website is a privilege and not a right. While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently the administrators reserve the right to take any actions deemed appropriate to ensure this site is not disrupted or abused in any way.

All comments are the responsibility of the commenter, not the site owner or administrators. By submitting a comment you agree that the comment content is your own, and to hold this site and all subsidiaries and representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability. reserves the right to update and modify these rules as needed to ensure the smooth operation of this site. Continued use of the site constitutes your consent to such changes and visitors are responsible for maintaining an awareness of the current rules as well as the website Terms of Service.

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