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Here are some other sites that we recommend :

Casinomeister is one of the most respected online sites for honest and reliable casino information. Check out the Casinomeister site.

CasinoMan has a great online slots guide and is a great resource for casino information.

The UK Gambling Commission website is most useful for people working in the gaming industry, but non-professionals will find a lot of useful information in their big list of Frequently Asked Questions.

There are a number of sites offering help for people with gambling problems and addiction. Support is free, so if you or someone you know has a problem then do not hesitate to contact these organisations for professional help. We recommend GambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare as the top 3 sites. The Gambling Commission also maintains an extensive list of resources on their problem gambling page.

The Guardian newspaper has a section of their website dedicated to gambling news.

Wikipedia has a page about online casinos with some general information about the subject, and it links to other useful pages including topics like table games and slot machines.

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